Heavenly Hybrid Foam Encased(In Box) Full Size 4/6

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If your old mattress is in need of a little divine intervention, look no further than the Heavenly Hybrid by The Bed Boss. A combination of innersprings and soft, high-resiliency, gel-infused memory foam provides consistent support and cool comfort. Experience sleep that’s nearly angelic at a price that’s truly sublime with the Heavenly Hybrid.

Heavenly Hybrid Layers

  • 1-inch gel-infused high-density memory foam
  • 1-inch soft, high resiliency foam
  • 7.5-inch pocketed innerspring coil system
  • 1-inch higher resiliency base foam
  • Foam encased coil system for edge support

Height : 10.5"

10 Year Warranty

Every mattress from The Bed Boss comes with a 10-year prorated limited warranty against manufactured defects. It’s rare, but it can happen. Sorry, no comfort guarantees (expressed or implied).

*Comes Rolled In Vacuum Sealed Package for Easy Transportation.

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